Unique Household FBA Brand

E-Commerce Brand Selling Bags & Backpacks for Oxygen Concentrators/Tanks

Founded in 2008, this established Amazon business experienced significant year-over-year growth and has generated nearly $1M in sales in the trailing twelve months. The business has established its position as the leading brand in the market for portable oxygen bags & backpacks for oxygen concentrators/oxygen tanks. Using its first mover advantage, the business has developed a loyal customer base and fruitful relationships with vendors and suppliers.



+ Inventory

Revenue LTM*:

$ 954,568

Gross Profit LTM*:

$ 786,105


$ 431,258

Sales Channels:

Amazon, Shopify, Etsy



* LTM (last twelve months)

Key Figures


Gross Profit

Gross Profit Margin


$ 672,414

$ 420,256

62.50 %


$ 658,198

$ 509,188

77.36 %


$ 954,568

$ 786,105

82.35 %


  • As a result of its quality products and excellent customer service, the business is experiencing explosive growth with an 80% increase in revenue YTD (vs 2020). Discretionary earnings have also increased 73% for the same time frame.

  • With a current mix of 54% Amazon, 26% Shopify, 12% Etsy, and 8% Misc, the sales channels are well diversified.

  • The business is built to be transferred. There are well-documented SOPs and a trained team in place.

  • Strong relationships with suppliers in China have been established, and there are several new product variations ready to market. Inventory is well stocked, so a new owner will be able to hit the ground running.

  • The business is perfectly suited for transfer. There are well-documented SOPs and a trained team handling the daily operations.

  • The brand name is trademarked and has Amazon Brand Registry. Patents in place for the most popular bags/backpacks, so the business is well-protected.

  • There are also several immediately actionable growth strategies available to the new owner including leveraging the brand equity/reviews to expand to EU, UK, and Canadian Amazon markets, expanding the product line to new O2 tanks, and implementing email & social media marketing.

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