Successful Amazon company in the field of functional baby & women’s clothes and swimwear

100% of the shares in a functional clothing company are up for sale. The company was founded in 2012 and offers clothing for babies, toddlers, women and swimwear.

The company sells ~400 products under three brands, mainly on the Amazon marketplace in Germany. The growth in sales between 2018 and 2020 was approx. 29% (CAGR).

The company’s product mix has helped it successfully offset seasonality. The product range provides options for the entire customer journey, from pregnancy to babies and toddlers.


Key Facts

* August 2020 – July 2021

All products are Made in Europe. In addition to very good quality, this also ensures fast delivery and working capital advantages. Despite this, all products are offered at reasonable prices.

The company uses an in-house developed inventory management system with which it can react quickly to changes in the marketplace (e.g. tax guidelines).

The advertising expenditure as a percentage of sales is a low single-digit percentage.

Customer satisfaction can be described as very good. This can be proven by the consistently very good product and seller ratings.

Competitive advantages result, among other things, from very advantageous delivery conditions, which can of course be taken over by the buyer.

A total of 7 employees are employed. In addition, the company has its own approx. 700 square meter warehouse with office space. Both the employees and the office/warehouse can be taken over by the buyer.

Key Figures
SDE Margin
€ 6,530 k
€ 1,006 k
€ 8,412 k
€ 1,547 k
TTM (Aug’20 – July’21)
€ 9,567 k
€ 1,679 k

Investment Highlights


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