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Attractive investment opportunity in compelling SaaS business


Business: SaaS
Nische: B2B
Verkaufsgrund: Growing both vertically and horizontally
Rechtsform: GmbH
Umsatz: EUR 1.300k
Adj. EBITDA Marge:
Vertriebskanäle: Website
Gründungsjahr: 2019
Mitarbeiter: 14


Founded in 2019 the company has quickly established itself as a leader in the SaaS-based e- commerce space. Combining their extensive experience in finance, e-commerce and software development, the founders have positioned the business at the forefront of e- commerce innovation.

The company was born out of the founders' recognition of a market gap in global e-commerce services. They saw a unique opportunity to provide a comprehensive service that combines SaaS with product compliance and Shopify management, simplifying the complicated process of global market entry for brands.

A significant part of the growth can be attributed to its proprietary software, which has been instrumental in its expansion into the EU, UK and US markets. The forthcoming launch of an AI-driven tool is set to revolutionize operational processes, optimize business decisions and support strategic product portfolio expansion.

The company excels at SaaS, handling everything from product sourcing to online sales under its own name, enabling brands to access global markets effortlessly. Its Product Compliance service ensures that products meet regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance. In addition, they offer Shopify Store Management, helping brands establish effective online sales channels and maximize Shopify's potential for improved customer engagement and increased sales.

The business has demonstrated remarkable financial performance, achieving a yearly revenue of €1.3M in 2023. Since September 2023, the company has maintained a positive cash flow, highlighted by a substantial revenue of €184K and an EBIT of €73K in December 2023 alone. Furthermore, in January, they were able to maintain the momentum from December, a strong signal indicating stability and potential for sustained growth.

The vision behind the company extends beyond its current success. The founders are now seeking strategic partners to take the company to new heights, not only in business scale, but also in market influence and technological advancement.


Key Financials

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For sale are equity shares or convertible loans. The ideal investor should be well versed in e- commerce, compliance, internationalization and the SaaS domain, especially with insight into the US market and platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

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