Successful Amazon company from the Well-Being Supplements/ Nutritional Supplements sector

100% of the shares (share deal) or the brand (asset deal) of a provider of dietary supplements founded in 2018 are for sale. The products are sold exclusively via Amazon and are targeted at customers with a desire for a healthy lifestyle (so-called Well-Being-NEM). In particular, the products in question are nutritional supplements  in capsule form that are less-known to the general public.

In the focused niche, the company was able to build a strong market presence through very good quality and at the same time excellent customer satisfaction.

The company sells approximately 24 products under one brand, with new products being launched and planned on a regular basis. Since 2019, an average sales growth of over 100% has been generated (CAGR). A growth saturation is not apparent so far.



€ 1,523k


€ 439k

Sales Channels:






Reason for sale:

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* December 2020 – November 2021

The supplement products are mainly manufactured in Germany. The suppliers could be won as long-term partners early on.. 

Through appealing branding and very good quality at reasonable prices, the brand was able to build a strong presence among the target groups and on the Amazon marketplace. Customer satisfaction can be described as very good. This can be proven by the consistently very good product and seller ratings.

The company is characterized by a very lean organization. No employees are needed. All activities relating to the brand are covered by the owner or external service providers. After training, the brand can be continued independently of location with an effort of 30-35 hours/week.

It has yet to be worked on channels outside of Amazon, as well as popular social media channels.

The owner is looking for a buyer who has the necessary expertise to keep the brand on the road to success by scaling it and shaping it into a wide-reaching and successful international supplement brand.

Key Figures



EBITDA margin


€ 377k

€ 94k



€ 1,095k

€ 223k



€ 1,523k

€ 439k



Possible potential arises in particular from internationalization activities, as sales have so far been made mainly in Germany. In addition, further growth can be driven by further product expansion (new products are already ready for launch) and the focus on additional channels outside of Amazon.

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