Successful Home & Outdoor Brand

For sale are 100% of the shares of a provider for products from the Home & Living and Outdoor segment founded in 2016.

The company sells a total of 22 products in different variations. Amazon is the main sales channel with 90%, followed by Shopify with 7% of sales and eBay with 2%. Since 2022, the company has also been selling in stationary retail, where the company is expanding its presence.


Revenue LTM*:

1,438,529 €


343,155 €

Sales Channels:

Amazon, Shopify, eBay



* LTM (last twelve months)

Key Figures



Adj EBITDA Margin


924,111 €

121,215 €

13.1 %


1,416,837 €

297,315 €

20.9 %


1,438,529 €

343,155 €

23.9 %


  • Since 2020, sales have more than doubled and the brand has successfully positioned itself as a luxury lifestyle brand. The combination of Home & Living plus Outdoor has enabled the company to maintain a constant sales curve.

  • Close cooperation is maintained with suppliers enabling products to be tailor-made to meet the company’s needs. There is an exclusive contract with the main supplier for the product designs.

  • The main target group for the Home & Living products is higher-income women between the ages of 30 and 50 who are interested in modern Scandinavian designs. The outdoor products are aimed at 20- to 30-year-old travel-loving students and backpackers.

  • The company is characterized by a very lean organization. In the day-to-day business, one direct full-time employee and one student assistant are employed. The company can be managed independently of location. An office in a co-working space is available, further office space can be arranged. The lease could also be taken over.

  • The owner is now looking for a buyer who has the necessary expertise and resources to further scale the company to be able to dedicate himself to further projects.

  • The products are particularly characterized by their sustainability and are certified accordingly in their respective categories.• In addition to the Ökotex requirements, in 2022 it could be proven that the main articles are made of 100% sustainable, recycled raw materials. The certificate will be issued in June 2022. Currently, this is not yet advertised, so there is great potential here. 

Further potentials arise from effective integration of the above-mentioned certifications into marketing measures, expansion of the retail distribution channel, and optimization of listings outside of Germany.

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