Successful company in the field of Lifestyle Accessories

  • For sale is a limited liability company founded at the end of 2001 selling products in the field of umbrellas & accessories as a share deal (asset deal possible).
  • The company sells a total of 477 products. Amazon is the main sales channel with 83%, followed by wholesalers with 11%, the own online store with 4% and Otto with 2%.
  • Sales are made in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.
  • The combination of high-quality products, a clearly defined strategy and appealing marketing & branding has enabled the company to establish itself as a top player in the relevant segments throughout Europe.


Revenue LTM*:

1,321,519 €


234,907 €

Sales Channels:

Amazon, Wholesale, Online Store, Otto



* LTM (last twelve months): Jul 21 – Jun 22

  • The company has been working closely with its suppliers for many years, which means that the products can be tailor-made to meet the company’s needs.
  • The company employs a total of nine employees who take care of the entire day-to-day business. In addition, two freelancers are assigned to online marketing activities.
  • The work building includes three offices, a meeting room, a server room, and a kitchenette. In addition, there is 461 m² of storage and commissioning space. The building is owned by the managing directors, a lease might be possible.
  • In principle, the company can be managed independently of location. An advantage of leaving the daily business on site would be the possible takeover of the long-time and experienced employees.
  • Almost all products have unique selling points; for the accessories the motifs, for the umbrellas it is for example special shapes, designs or material.
  • All products are timeless and can be offered immediately unchanged in other market places (e.g. USA, Australia, Japan, Turkey).

Key Figures



Adj EBITDA Margin


€ 999,524.1

€ 210,110.4



€ 1,315,713.4

€ 304,349.8



€ 1,321,519

€ 234,907


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