Plant-Based Wellness Brand

E-Commerce Brand Selling a Line of Clean & Sustainable Beauty & Wellness Supplements

Launched in 2019, this distinct, plant-based wellness brand has quickly grown in popularity since 2020 and has generated over €1.2M in sales over the same time period. Driven by the concept of inside-out beauty, the business offers consumers a choice of ethical, natural, clean and sustainable beauty & wellness supplements. The business won the Wellness Supplements Supplier of the Year at the 2020 Switzerland Prestige Awards.



+ Inventory

Revenue LTM*:

€ 671,551

Gross Profit LTM*:

€ 577,820

Sales Channels:

Amazon, Shopify, Wholesale



* LTM (last twelve months)

Key Figures


Gross Profit

Gross Profit Margin


€ 321,513

€ 271,595

84.47 %


€ 868,927

€ 751,316

86.46 %


€ 671,551

€ 577,820

86.04 %


  • As a result of its quality products, the business has consistently high reviews and an impressive 35% repeat customer rate (the industry standard is 15%).

  • Starting with Shopify, the owner quickly grew the business before diversifying sales channels with the addition of and then later Amazon UK. With a current mix of 53% Shopify, 45% Amazon, and 2% online retailers, the sales channels are well diversified.

  • With its diversified revenue base, sales grew 170% from 2019 to 2020. While sales have had a slight decline in 2021, this is attributable to a lack of marketing resources.

  • Given its high average order value and margins of 35%, there is significant opportunity to scale the business with additional marketing spend.

  • The business is well-positioned for a new owner. There is an established brand with a highly effective email marketing channel and customer database.

  • The brand is registered on Amazon and is a part of the Amazon Launchpad program. Additionally, two of its SKUs rank in the Top 25 on Amazon for their respective categories.

  • Low-hanging fruit includes leveraging the brand loyalty to launch new products and expand into new Amazon markets (France, Canada, US), using social media and influencer marketing for multi-channel promotion, and adding wellness-related content to improve SEO.

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