Lucrative FBA Brand Portfolio

This successful business sells a range of products for the home, garden, and kitchen through three established brands.

Launched in 2014, the brands have quickly grown in popularity and achieved over $17M in sales since 2018. 90% of sales comes from Amazon US, and the portfolio’s high-quality products have over 30,000 combined reviews with 4+ star ratings.


Revenue* :

$ 4,038,419

Gross Profit* :

$ 1,362,540

Sales Channels:




* 2021

Key Figures


Gross Profit

Gross Profit Margin


$ 5,277,846

$ 1,637,407

31.02 %


$ 4,756,196

$ 1,949,441

40.99 %


$ 4,038,419

$ 1,362,540

33.74 %


  • Given the nature of its products, the business generates 70% of its revenue and 95% of its EBITDA in Q4. As the business moves towards its high period, a quick acquisition will provide strong revenues/cash flow for a new owner to deploy. It will also give the acquirer the opportunity to recoup a significant portion of its initial investment within the same calendar year.

  • The owner has built a well-protected business on Amazon. All the brands are registered with Amazon Brand Registry and are trademarked in the US. The high number of reviews and Amazon’s Choice designation also insulate the business from competition.

  • The owner is a seasoned FBA operator and works around 5 hours a week on this business. The day-to-day operations are documented and delegated to staff. The owner is willing to provide substantial transition assistance to ensure the transfer of institutional knowledge and help the new owner maximize Q4 earnings. 

  • Over the trailing twelve months, the advertising cost of sales was 6.1% (Amazon PPC). There is considerable opportunity for a buyer with expertise in online marketing/advertising to scale and take this business to the next level.

  • Additional clear paths to growth include expanding to additional Amazon markets (95% of revenue comes from Amazon US & Canada), selling on other marketplaces like Walmart & Etsy, add wholesale and offline revenue streams, and an increased focus on EU/UK sales.

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