Men's Grooming Brand

Launched in 2018, this personal care brand sells a range of personal grooming products. While anyone can use their products, the brand’s target market is men. Its products have steadily grown in popularity and have generated nearly $2M in sales since 2019.


Revenue LTM*:

$ 533,347

Gross Profit LTM*:

$ 405,266

Sales Channels:




* LTM (last twelve months)

Key Figures


Gross Profit

Gross Profit Margin


$ 257,692

$ 193,507

75.09 %


$ 642,794

$ 477,146

74.23 %


$ 751,236

$ 573,974

76.40 %


$ 533,347

$ 405,266

75.99 %


  • Starting with Shopify, the owner has steadily grown the business using a mixture of Facebook and Google advertising. The brands products are not listed on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or any 3rd party marketplaces, so there is ample opportunity to diversify the sales channels and increase revenue.

  • The business is well-positioned for a new owner and can be operated from anywhere in the world. The seller has everything documented in SOPs and the turn-key operations allow a new owner to generate revenue from day one.

  • The business also has a database of 40,000 previous customers that can be used to launch new products and increase the number of repeat customer sales.

  • In terms of the day-to-day, the business is run in a highly effective, hands-off way, with day-to-day operations delegated to outsourced staff. The owner works around 10 hours per week managing the business. This is a mature business, and the owner is ready to move on to other opportunities.

  • There are many actionable clear paths to future growth. A new owner could expand to new sales channels like Wal-Mart and Amazon to generate additional revenue. Variations on the current SKUs can easily be added, incorporating more colors and designs to existing products. The line could also be expanded to include other personal grooming items. A new owner could also use email marketing and other social media platforms other than Facebook to re-engage previous customers that have not been marketed to.

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