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ø Monthly Revenue* 57,295.18 EUR
ø Monthly Expenses*: 41,829.10 EUR
ø Monthly Net Profit*: 15,466.08 EUR
Established: July 2003

Price: 390,000 EUR

Inventory not included

General information

For sale is a company specializing in bridal wear, everything from wedding dresses to shoes and accessories. 

Established in July 2003, the first sales were generated from the seller’s online shop and have been steadily increasing since 2012. With the addition of the Amazon Marketplace and the Amazon FBA program over the last four years, the company reached a sales revenue of 687,000 EUR in the last 12 months and approximately 185,000 EUR in profits. The estimated sales revenue for 2018 is 985,000 EUR.

The company uses a minimum capacity storage space and employs two college students who handle the unpacking and repackaging of products twice a week.

In addition to the Amazon marketplaces in Germany, France and Italy, further sales are generated through the seller’s online shop, which is included in this purchase as well. However, Amazon is accountable for a majority of the sales. 

Pay-Per-Click campaigns have been successful in increasing sales. The ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) for these campaigns averages around 4.56%. Advertising is also done through Google AdWords and wedding magazines. 

The seller has a stable and reliable relationship with her eight suppliers, some of which have been working with her for more than 12 years.

Sales History

MonthSalesOrdersCostsMarginNet profit
June 201772,060.20 €54045,872.00 €36.34%26,188.20 €
July 201742,574.13 €48040,735.00 €4.32%1,839.13 €
August 201728,436.00 €33628,674.63 €-0.84%-238.63 €
September 20171,606.46 €19214,504.03 €-802.86%-12,897.57 €
October 201717,720.21 €13813,393.39 €24.42%4,326.82 €
November 201733,385.46 €20120,350.23 €39.04%13,035.23 €
December 201720,822.63 €17717,499.53 €15.96%3,323.10 €
January 2018114,127.63 €45354,296.82 €52.42%59,830.81 €
February 201897,996.21 €57964,292.63 €34.39%33,703.58 €
March 201894,091.92 €75477,917.15 €17.19%16,174.77 €
April 201896,631.02 €59667,830.53 €29.80%28,800.49 €
May 201868,090.34 €54556,583.30 €16.90%11,507.04 €

Included in the purchase:

  •    Domain and website with an integrated online shop
  •    Facebook Fan Page

Growth opportunities:

  •    Growth of the online shop and potential for increased sales opportunities
  •    Expansion into other marketplaces, such as Mirapodo and Etsy
  •    Increased traffic via social media channels
    – Pinterest and Instagram have major potential for reaching the target group
    – The Facebook Page is not actively used

    Reason for sale:

    The seller wants to dedicate her time to new projects and traveling.

    Seller support:

    The seller is willing to support the buyer during the first 1 to 3 months.

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