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Price: 225.000 €

Inventory not included

ø Monthly Revenue*: 32.948,53 €
ø Monthly Expenses*: 23.595,29 €
ø Monthly Net Profit*: 9.353,24 €
ø Margin: 28.39%
Established: June 2016

General information

Up for sale is a well-established brand with a revenue of approximately 245,000 EUR and an SDE (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings) of approximately 66,000 EUR per year over the last twelve months. This is equivalent to an average margin of approximately 27% after deduction of all costs. Remarkably, the SDE from February to July 2018 increased by 575% compared to the previous six months.

The brand was founded in June 2016 and registered as a trademark with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) in February 2017. Currently, four ASINs from the beauty niche are being offered under the brand name. All products are being produced by reputable German manufacturers and have a rating of more than four stars on Amazon. The targeted use of PPC-campaigns during the launch of new products, as well as the product portfolio’s continuous optimization and sensible expansion have provided the registered trademark with a standing that can guarantee success in both the medium- and the long term.


Sales have so far been made exclusively via the German Amazon marketplace. Pay-per-click campaigns were used for new products to accelerate the launch and improve visibility, for which the daily budget lay between 5 and 10 EUR. No further PPC-campaigns have been run for the bestseller product for approximately 8 months. By investing some time or hiring an external agency, growth potential still exists here.

Suppliers and logistics

Business relationships currently exist with two renowned bottlers in the cosmetics industry. The collaboration with the suppliers has worked for 1.5 and 2 years, respectively. Both suppliers are located in Germany. Purchasing prices strongly depend on the amount of goods bought. Both suppliers stipulate a minimum purchase of 1,000 items. One manufacturer offers precisely tiered pricing whereas the other may be negotiated with.

Sales History

MonthSalesUntits SoldExpensesMarginNet Profit
June201713.691,84 €88510.853,48 €20,73%2.838,36 €
July 201710.881,53 €7378.352,46 €23,24%2.529,07 €
August 20178.262,78 €5886.771,80 €18,04%1.490,98 €
September 20174.912,51 €3203.854,61 €21,53%1.057,90 €
October 20175.337,56 €3484.091,30 €23,35%1.246,26 €
November 20176.752,98 €4385.405,22 €19,96%1.347,76 €
December 20179.023,90 €5847.667,75 €15,03%1.356,15 €
January 201813.869,97 €90110.621,70 €23,42%3.248,27 €
February 201819.326,63 €1.30715.391,30 €20,36%3.935,33 €
March 201831.293,05 €1.75221.650,05 €30,82%9.643,00 €
April 201824.488,27 €1.59816.342,86 €33,26%8.145,41 €
May 201840.377,17 €2.38227.812,55 €31,12%12.564,62 €
June 201846.013,25 €2.81533.040,78 €28,19%12.972,47 €
July 201836.192,79 €2.50527.334,18 €24,48%8.858,61 €

Included in the purchase:

  • A trademark with 3 Nizza Classes, registered in Germany
  • Four products with supplier contacts
  • Domain and website that provide information about the products and send clients to the Amazon Shop
  • Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Professional images of each product


Growth opportunities:

  • Extension of the product range: Introduction of various new products and product lines.
  • Pan-European expansion: So far no PAN-EU sales in other European Amazon marketplaces or USA/Canada.
  • Online shop: The existing website offers excellent sales potential with the implementation of a fitting marketing strategy (for example with the help of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.)
  • PPC-optimization: Pay-per-click ads were optimized only infrequently and insufficiently and still offer great potential to scale revenue/profit.
  • External traffic & social media marketing: Facebook and Instagram pages are available, but haven’t been utilized due to lack of time. Precise marketing on these platforms can generate external traffic via campaigns based on customer data.

Reason for sale:

The operators conducted the Amazon business as a sideline enterprise. Both CEOs still work full-time in other day jobs. They are now at a crossroads: professionalization or sale. Sadly, they currently don’t have the time to intensify their business efforts.

Seller support:

The seller is willing to act as support for the buyer for the first 1-3 months to explain the processes etc.

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