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Asking price: 190,000 EUR

Inventory not included

Gross income: 801,408.94 EUR
Adjusted EBITDA: 98,289.81 EUR
Operating since: 2015

General information

For sale is an established company with a registered trademark. It has been successfully selling training material and accessories for professional MMA-fighters for about three years. 801,408.94 EUR in gross revenue and an SDE of about 98,289.81 EUR were realized in the past twelve months.

The seller has outsourced almost the entire management and only deals with transfers, product ideas and cash flow management. He needs about one hour per week for his tasks, phone calls and priorities. Documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in place for every regular task, which helps to make a possible transfer to new employees as easy as possible. Goods are already being sold in the PAN-EU marketplaces Germany, France, Italy and Spain, as well as over the companies online shop.

The strong product branding, tailored specifically towards a young target audience in the growing MMA market, is reflected in the top-5 positioning of all products in their respective subcategories. With the proper marketing measures, great growth potential can still be unlocked and realized. With its expressive product photos and descriptions, the highly professional and intuitive website with an online shop is well positioned.

International sales

While circa 87% of sales currently come from Germany, the seller uses Amazon’s PAN-EU program to also sell in European markets France, Italy and Spain. An expansion to the USA and Australia is being planned and prepared.


The company uses automated Amazon pay-per-click campaigns. The headline search ads (HSA) and sponsored product ads (SPA) average 30% ACOS over the last few years for a circa 30% revenue share of the total turnover on Amazon. To generate first sales and reviews, new products are also announced via the in-house email newsletter with currently 1,900 subscribers.

Suppliers and logistics

Business relationships have existed with two suppliers from China and Pakistan for the past three years, as well as with another Pakistani supplier for one year. Due to newly negotiated framework contracts with both Pakistani suppliers, the delivery speed decreases from 6-8 weeks to 4-6 weeks, and the purchase price drops by 10-20% for almost all products.

Sales History

MonthRevenueOrdersExpensesMarginNet Profit
September 201739,712.30 €1,84431,065.96 €21.77%8,646.34 €
October 201743,383.77 €1,94734,226.45 €21.11%9,157.32 €
November 201746,076.13 €2,05637,158.73 €19.35%8,917.40 €
December 201761,210.88 €2,71646,164.22 €24.58%15,046.66 €
January 201855,474.57 €2,62345,247.17 €18.44%10,227.40 €
February 201859,696.28 €2,69451,630.83 €13.51%8,065.45 €
March 201867,197.83 €3,13358,184.31 €13.41%9,013.52 €
April 201858,888.58 €2,44254,209.70 €7.95%4,678.88 €
Mai 201843,820.19 €1,72938,684.20 €11.72%5,135.99 €
June 201861,434.76 €2,83552,899.33 €13.89%8,535.43 €
July 201857,444.51 €2,81548,474.89 €15.61%8,969.62 €
August 201854,647.52 €2,48747,946.21 €12.26%6,701.31 €
September 201867,209.29 €2,86959,472.97 €11.51%7,736.32 €
October 201864,884.17 €2,60958,089.01 €10.47%6,795.16 €
November 201871,395.05 €3,00663,403.83 €11.19%7,991.22 €
December 201890,464.63 €3,55276,017.18 €15.97%14,447.45 €
January 201984,563.46 €3,68875,115.61 €11,17%9,447.85 €
February 201979,458.95 €3,61470,621.89 €11,12%8,837.06 €
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Included in the purchase

  • Registered EU word- and design mark
  • Domain with integrated Webshop (Shopify)
  • Good, long standing supplier relationships to three permanent suppliers
  • Framework contracts for further savings in purchasing
  • SOPs containing the entire Amazon marketing know-how
  • Email list with circa 1,900 subscribers
  • Facebook account with circa 1,000 organic followers
  • Instagram account with circa 850 organic followers

Growth opportunities

  • PAN-EU Expansion in die UK, sowie Weiterentwicklung des internationalen PAN-EU Vertriebs
  • USA Expansion, aufgrund großer Nachfrage der Produkte auf dem amerikanischen Markt
  • Ausbau des Marketings, beispielsweise durch Facebook Ads, Influencer Marketing, sowie professionelles Social Media Marketing
  • Erweiterung der Nutzung der Email-Liste über die Ankündigung neuer Produkte hinaus.

Reason for the sale

The seller is running two other companies as well, which need his full attention. He would like to sell the MMA-company to see it thriving at its full potential.

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