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Asking price: 120.000 EUR

Inventory not included

Gross income: 164,005.59 EUR
Adjusted EBITDA33,213.25 EUR
Operating since: 2016

General information

For sale is a successful Amazon brand and onlineshop founded in 2016 and specializing in the sales of accessories for men and women. In the last 12 months, the company generated a gross revenue of 164,005.59 EUR, as well as an SDE of 33,213.25 EUR, giving it a margin of 20.25%. 

The fully handcrafted products manage to balance timeless and yet modern design. The product range includes watches in 16 different models and colors, wristbands in different designs, as well as bracelets in various sizes and colors. Overall, the company sells 30 parent ASINs.

The seller spends about 10 hours per week working for the company.


The products are sold on Amazon marketplaces Germany, UK and France, though they are stored only in Germany and exported to UK and France. 90% of the revenue is generated on the German marketplace.


The goods are furthermore sold via the in-house online shop as well as on, a price comparison platform for fashion. A small network of dealers also exists, consisting of retailers and fashion boutiques in Germany. However, these additional distribution channels currently yield an insignificant revenue (about 1,000 EUR/month). There is still a lot of room for growth here.


The company successfully uses Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with the following ad structure:

  • Per product (i.e. per color variation): 1 auto and 2 manual campaigns
  • Per product group: 1 auto and 1 manual campaign, and 1 headline search ad (HSA)

In addition, some articles are promoted and retargeting campaigns conducted via Facebook ads. There is a lot of growth potential in this area.

The company also has instagram cooperations with reputable German and French influencers and has furthermore negotiated special conditions with influencer agency “” and full service Amazon agency “”.

Suppliers and logistics

There currently exist business relationships to three suppliers:

  • Supplier 1: This business relationship exists since 2016 with very good personal relations to the company’s specific contact. The supplier possesses comprehensive knowledge about brand-specific packaging and product features.
  • Supplier 2: This business relationship exists since 2017 with very good personal relations, as well as a great relationship to supplier 1 (packaging supplier).
  • Supplier 3: This business relationship exists since 2017 with very good personal relations, including individual, self-created designs with their own molds (casting molds and tools).

If the customary volume is exceeded, volume discounts may be offered by all suppliers.

Further information

The company is about to launch a new, independent product with individual design in 3 variations. The product is currently being manufactured and will probably be sold starting at the beginning of October 2018.

The company puts great emphasis on packaging and the customer’s first impression. Product instruction manuals with valuable assistance and the brand history are enclosed in every delivery. Clients highly value this attention to detail, the high quality, as well as the courteous customer support.

A brand name was registered at the DPMA, but was ultimately rejected. This means that the brand name also can’t be registered by any other company.

Sales History

MonthGross incomeOrdersExpensesMarginAdjusted net income (SDE)
May 201813,894.44 €4229,065.68 €34.75%4,828.76 €
June 201814,928.56 €4309,569.42 €35.90%5,359.14 €
July 201817,415.11 €50711,619.22 €33.28%5,795.89 €
August 201814,372.62 €4599,696.09 €32.54%4,676.53 €
September 201812,613.69 €3849,740.42 €22.78%2,873.27 €
October 20188,070.98 €2897,314.95 €9.37%756.03 €
November 201812,865.26 €44112,069.51 €6.19%795.75 €
December 201839,776.00 €130433,237.39 €16.44%6,538.61 €
January 201910,137.75 €3379,773.58 €3.49%364.17 €
February 20196,359.52 €2186,275.85 €3.41%217.04 €
March 20196,157.86 €2166,142.48 €11.30%695.59 €
April 20197,413.80 €2647,091.33 €4.35%322.47 €

Included in the acquisition

  • Completely configured WooCommerce shop system
  • Nine domains in total (.com .at .ch .de .es .eu .fr .it .net)
  • Legally watertight (GDPR-conform) online shop in German and English
  • Adcell partner program with about 200 active affiliates
  • Active Facebook account with over 2,000 followers/likes
  • Active Instagram account with over 6,000 followers
  • Pinterest account with 127 followers
  • Email list with 400 subscribers
  • About 700 professional product images created by photographers, clients and influencers
  • Three short product / image video clips
  • Completely transferable rights to images and material

Growth potential

  • Development of further Amazon marketplaces (for example at first a PAN-EU expansion to Italy and Spain, then to USA and/or Australia)
  • Sales expansion for B2B
  • Adding new products to the product range
  • Manufacture of further color- and model variations
  • Further development of online shop sales
  • Further development of the offline dealer network
  • Further development of online and offline ad campaigns
  • Translating the shop into other languages
  • Increasing influencer marketing in the USA, France and other markets
  • Introducing professional social media management

Reason for sale

The seller is also running two other growing projects that require his full attention. Since the beginning of the seller’s self-employment in 2015/2016, the company has developed into a project of the heart that still holds a lot of potential. However, the seller would like to concentrate on new challenges in the future.


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