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Asking price: 5,000,000 EUR

Inventory not included

Gross revenue: 5,533,939.35 EUR
Adjusted EBITDA: 1,045,321.78 EUR
Margin: 18,89 %
Gross profit: 66,36 %
Operating since: 2016

General Information

The company for sale specializes in the manufacturing and selling of high-quality and unique products in the drugstore- and body care sector. The products are sold via the Amazon PAN-EU marketplaces (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain), as well as the company’s own online shop. Some of them are Top 100 Bestsellers in the Beauty category on Amazon.

The products are vegan and primarily produced and certified in Germany. The company spends a lot of money and time on product development and stands for customer satisfaction, quality, as well as natural and effective products.

The brand is listed as a Top 200 Seller on Amazon Germany at, with tendency to rise (as of April 2019).

The brand is registered as a design- and word mark with the DPMA and offers their products on Amazon marketplaces in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain, as well as on an in-house webshop.

The company is able to develop new, high-quality products very fast and cheap with its new partner. The development for new, customized products usually takes several months; together with the new developer it only takes a few short weeks to create innovative, effective formulas.

The products are based on the knowledge of scientific studies, to be created as biological, natural, but also as effective as possible. The formulas are optimized by experienced chemists and body care specialists until they are perfect in effect, scent and consistency.

The company runs almost completely automated. The seller himself handles management, strategy and controlling of employees. Soon, these tasks will also be replaced by automated processes.

The company employs freelancers as well as permanent employees for the maintenance, business optimization and growth. The employees share the tasks as follows:


Since Amazon is the main revenue stream, the company focuses mainly on Amazon marketing campaigns. A comprehensive system for PPC was developed and runs successfully with a low ACOS (approximately 15-20%), and which runs PPC- as well as AMS campaigns.

In addition, the company maintains many collaborations with influencers and affiliates to market their products.

Suppliers and Logistics

Apart from one exception, all products are produced by manufacturers in Germany. Only one product is manufactured in Austria. A close and intensive cooperation with the suppliers has existed since the very beginning.

In addition, the company works with a very reliable sourcing agency, with whom they develop cheap and very high-quality bottles and packaging. This raises the quality of packaging to a significantly higher level compared to competitors.

Depending on purchase quantity, there are discount scalings in place for the products.

Included in the Acquisition

  • A design- and word mark registered with the DPMA
  • Amazon listings with excellent rankings and reviews
  • Solid, long-standing business relationship with the developer and other suppliers
  • A professionally created website with webshop
  • Active Facebook account with more than 1,700 followers
  • Active Instagram account with more than 2,200 followers
  • Professional product images and descriptions

Reason for the Sale

After three successful and exciting years, the seller would like to end his work with Amazon FBA, dedicate himself to completely new projects, and follow a new career path.

Growth Potential

  • Expansion beyond PAN-EU: high-quality, vegan and biological body care products made in Germany enjoy a high and fast growing demand.
  • Diversification: the company always has several products in development, meaning that more products can also be sold under new brands soon
  • Addition of further brands with similar products but different emphasis to address other consumer classes; currently being prepared.
  • Further development of social media management
  • Expansion into retail
  • Sales via third-party dealers: the company has already received several inquiries.


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