E-Commerce Business Broker


We are the leading European M&A firm for e-commerce companies and D2C brands. Since 2017, our mission is to successfully connect buyers and sellers and create a win/win situation. 


Wilhelm Reich
Managing Director

Buyers will find selected offers from profitable and future-oriented e-commerce companies. We would like to accompany both parties safely through the selling or buying process by working closely together.



We get daily inquiries from sellers who want to offer their business on Dragonflip. From many conversations with our buyers we know what matters and what makes a good offer.

To ensure a high quality standard, we only accept selected offers. This way we ensure that all our offers meet the following criteria:

  • Stable sales and profits for at least 12 months

  • Concrete ideas for further growth

  • Fair selling price based on over 200 successful sales of e-commerce businesses

  • Motivated sellers with realistic expectations

100% E-Commerce

We have deliberately specialized in the sale of e-commerce companies, because this is where our expertise and many years of experience lie. This has allowed us to gain a high profile status in the International online retail scene and gain the trust of sellers to present the best deals to our buyers.


Qualified and motivated buyers

With a clear focus on selling e-commerce businesses, we have the advantage that our buyers are looking for exactly what you offer. With over 2,500 registered buyers that manage over 1 billion in capital, our mission is to get the maximum purchase price for your business.


To ensure that you get full attention, we only manage a limited number of sellers at a time. Compared to traditional sales platforms and marketplaces, we focus on trust and close cooperation. Selling a business is a lot of work! We accompany you safely through the entire process.


Our sole interest is the successful sale of your company. Compared to many other M&A consultants, we do not charge hourly or monthly fees and work exclusively on a contingency basis.

Three Months

On average, a sale on Dragonflip takes only 3 months, and we usually get several offers in the first 1-3 weeks.


We usually get offers in the amount of 90-100% of the selling price.

Over 80%

More than 80% of buyers come from our own internal buyer network.

We create trust through many years of experience in e-commerce

  • 2017

    Dragonflip was founded, first successful sales

  • 2018

    First sales in the 6-digit transaction range

  • 2019

    After 5 months, more companies have already been sold than in the whole of 2018. First company sold with a sales price of > USD 10 million.

  • 2020

    We were able to increase our transaction volume to almost USD 33 million. Our average deal size was over USD 2,2 million.

Our philosophy


Connecting buyers and sellers

and achieve the maximum value for both parties. We create a win/win situation.

Transparency and integrity

During the entire process – We communicate clearly what we can and cannot do for you. This includes saying no sometimes.


Continued education and knowledge transfer

Almost every month we are speakers at conferences to educate about buying and selling e-commerce businesses. At the same time, of course, we are constantly educating ourselves to be able to provide the best possible service.

We use technology better than most brokers

As a young, decentralized company with employees in Europe and the USA, technology is an important factor in our success. The use of modern project management and communication tools is one reason why we sell companies 70% faster than average.