18 Websites to Find Non-Chinese Suppliers for Your Amazon Store

Maintaining an effective supply chain is essential to owning and running an Amazon business. It helps keep your sourcing operations running smoothly and makes your Amazon store more appealing to potential investors. 

For quite some time, private label sellers on Amazon have looked to China for their manufacturing needs. As a result, their Amazon supplier database has been filled almost exclusively by Chinese suppliers. 

However, with the recent uncertainty around China’s local industry and the country’s fast deteriorating relationship with the US and Europe, relying on third-party Chinese manufacturers may not be the best business strategy moving forward. It’s time you start looking for suppliers outside of China.

What Other Countries Are There for Amazon Product Sourcing?

Several countries produce high-quality items for Amazon product sourcing. Your objective shouldn’t be to find the next “China” but to find a supplier in a country that’d help you source the highest-quality products at the lowest possible price. Let’s explore some potential options.


The United States is home to many of the top-rated products sold on Amazon. Effective government infrastructure policies and robust quality checks and balances result in durable and higher-quality manufacturing. 

If you deal in skincare products or plan to launch one, the US can arguably be the best place to source from. You’ll find many suppliers offering FDA-approved, private-label manufacturing services happy to help you get your product to the market. 


While the United Kingdom is famous for many things, its glassware products stand out in the market. 

From pint glasses or ornaments, you’ll find a large variety of glassware with intricate designs. These products are popular among Amazon shoppers, especially those looking for durable, premium-quality glassware. 


Vietnam is another excellent option for sourcing private-label products. The long-stretched country along the eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula is home to talented artisans who make some of the most delicate handcrafted items.

Vietnam is also one of the largest exporters of furniture, ceramics, pottery, and mosaics in the Asian region. The heritage crafts of Vietnam include candles and jewels. Vietnamese bamboo products and seagrass matting are also quite famous. 

South Korea

South Korea exports mainly electrical and electronic equipment. However, you’ll also find some of the country’s highest quality hosieries, metal kitchenware, beauty products, and cute stationery items. South Korea’s relatively weak currency means you can source products for your Amazon business at highly competitive prices. 


Best known for food and spices, India has plenty more to offer. Home to 1.38 billion people, the world’s fifth largest economy is a hub of manufacturers and suppliers. Top exports from India include apparel, jewelry, leather products, tea, and bedsheet. You can also source the best ceramic cookware, tech, metal tools, footwear, and numerous other products at competitive rates.


Turkey is famous for its textile manufacturing. Popular products from Turkey include rugs and carpets, tea and tea mugs, ceramic collections, antiques and ornaments, and spices.

So, how do you find overseas non-Chinese suppliers?

How to Find Non-Chinese Suppliers for Your Amazon Business (15+ websites)

Whether you’re concerned about the quality of Chinese products or want more sourcing options to support your supply chain, it’s always a good idea to have some suppliers from other countries on your contact list. 

A great way to find private label non-Chinese suppliers for your Amazon business is using B2B online marketplaces and business directories online. Taking the digital route is perhaps the most logical and fastest way to find non-Chinese products not necessarily available in your country. Here are some websites to help you get started right away:  


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace 
  • Best for: Finding suppliers globally
  • Free or paid: Free

Alibaba is often used synonymously with Chinese suppliers. And so, many sellers remain under the false impression that all the suppliers on the platform are from China. However, that’s not true. Jack Ma’s company is home to hundreds and thousands of manufacturers located all across the world. It remains the most extensive online B2B marketplace and the best place to find suppliers globally.

How to Find a Reliable Supplier on Alibaba?

When sourcing products from non-Chinese suppliers, you must be cautious of quite a few things. Finding a reliable supplier on Alibaba can be challenging because there are a lot of fraudulent vendors on the platform. 

Here are the preventive measures you can take to ensure you are only communicating with a legitimate supplier:

  • Work with the manufacturers with a Verified Supplier badge. This badge proves that the supplier is authentic and verified by Alibaba as a legitimate manufacturer. Having social proof also adds to the credibility of the supplier.
  • Leverage the Alibaba invitation system. This system allows you to contact suppliers directly by requesting to be added to their internal mailing list. For example, US suppliers can add your email address to their internal mailing list if they’re interested in working with you. 
  • Use a tool like Alibaba Fraud Protection to ensure you only communicate with legitimate suppliers. You can also use Alibaba’s email verification function to confirm that emails you receive are authentic to identify fake emails.

How Do You Find US Suppliers on Alibaba?

As previously stated, Alibaba is among the best websites for finding suppliers worldwide, including in the United States. To find the products made in America, you may search for the product you want to sell and then go to filters and select the United States in the “Supplier country/region”. 

Once you’ve shortlisted a few US-based suppliers, you must conduct due diligence before reaching out. For starters, check out the reviews left by previous clients. This will give you insights into how the supplier operates and leave you with a better understanding of the quality of their products. 

Global Sources   

  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding suppliers globally
  • Free or paid: Free

Global Sources is a B2B multichannel media platform that connects buyers with suppliers around the globe. The Hong Kong-based company has an extensive product category list that includes numerous products, including electronics, fashion, footwear, home appliances, and more. 

Global Sources has a partnership with escrow.com to ensure a safe and secure transaction environment, but you must be cautious when picking a supplier. Some scammers disguise themselves as suppliers. Only deal with “verified suppliers”, and even then, make sure to conduct extensive research.


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding suppliers globally
  • Free or paid: Free

DHgate is a Chinese B2B e-commerce marketplace with suppliers mainly catering to small and medium retailers. While most of the sellers on DHgate are Chinese, you can find some suitable non-Chinese suppliers too. The company operates warehouses and display centers in the United States to expedite shipping across the globe. 

Are you looking for something more region-specific?

Maker’s Row

  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding US suppliers 
  • Free or paid: Free 

Launched in November 2012, Maker’s Row is an online marketplace that helps American manufacturers connect with product-based businesses. The platform allows Amazon stores to find US Factories to turn their ideas into products, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking for private-label products.

Kole Imports

  • Website type: Individual 
  • Best for: Finding US suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free

Kole Imports is a reputable name in the United States. Founded in 1982, the company is a direct importer of general merchandise items. This closeout supplier offers private label services on a wide range of generic products to Amazon sellers and serves as a one-stop shop for merchandise sourcing in bulk quantities. 

Are you looking for a UK equivalent to Alibaba for your all-Brit product idea?

Make it British

  • Website type: Online directory
  • Best for: Finding UK suppliers 
  • Free or paid: Free

If you plan to launch a UK-made brand, make it British (pun intended). Make it British maintains a comprehensive web directory to help you find an ideal manufacturing partner for your Amazon private label business. Especially, if you don’t have an extensive budget and want to start with small quantities, Make it British can connect you with many UK-based factories willing to work with emerging retail businesses.


  • Website type: Online directory
  • Best for: Finding UK suppliers
  • Free or paid: Basic wholesale buyer membership is free, and premium buyer services are paid

eSources is another excellent option to find UK suppliers for your private label manufacturing needs, primarily if you sell apparel and fashion items. According to Sitejabber, the website has a consumer rating of 4.95 stars, which shows high user confidence. It is one of the UK’s fastest-growing online business directories and helps sellers connect with over 2500 manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. 

You would prefer to stay closer to China but maybe try other Asian manufacturing powerhouses? 


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace and business directory
  • Best for: Finding Indian suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free

JimTrade is an India-based online platform for buyers to source Indian products at competitive rates and one of the largest business directories in India, with more than 500 000 manufacturers listed on the website. They have 15+ product categories to help Amazon sellers source unique products for their private label business needs. 


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding Indian suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free

TradeIndia is India’s largest B2B portal, featuring over 7 million registered users. Started in 1996, it’s an online marketplace where you can find manufacturers and wholesalers for your Amazon business. The platform has over 37 product categories, including agriculture, apparel and fashion, consumer electronics, gifts and crafts, toys, school supplies, and more. Before hiring one, make sure to vet the suppliers, as the website has a fair share of negative reviews online. 

Exporters India

  • Website type: B2B online marketplace and business directory
  • Best for: Finding Indian suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free

Exporters India is another popular B2B marketplace and exporters directory for finding suppliers in India. The website offers an extensive collection of items across a diverse product category range. Using their Post-Buy Requirements option, you can get instant quotes from verified suppliers in India. 

All these Indian platforms can help you source high-quality products for your Amazon private label business at highly competitive rates. Especially if you are a US seller, sourcing from India can help you maximize your gross profit margins.

Fan of Vietnamese-made briefcases, headgear, and craft items?

Vietnam Manufacturers 

  • Website type: Online directory
  • Best for: Finding suppliers in Vietnam
  • Free or paid: Free

Vietnam Manufacturers is an excellent e-commerce platform for sourcing high-quality private-label products from Vietnam. It has a comprehensive database of local suppliers specializing in different product categories, including automotive parts & accessories, electrical, electronic & telecommunication, toys & sports, printing & packaging, fashion, jewelry & accessories, and health & beauty.

Vietnam Export

  • Website type: Online directory
  • Best for: Finding suppliers in Vietnam
  • Free or paid: Free

Vietnam Export is another big name in the Vietnam e-commerce space. You can find an assortment of products to source for your Amazon private label business. These include, but are not limited to, cashew nuts, machines, and equipment, paper, coffee, electrical wires and cables, rice, fisheries, foods and beverages, garments and textiles, tea, handicrafts, leather & footwear.

How do you find a Korean supplier for your private label business?


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding Korean suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free

Based in Seoul, South Korea, EC21 is among the world’s largest B2B marketplace that connects you with millions of manufacturers and suppliers around the globe. You can find a vast range of products in various categories, including agriculture, automobiles & motorcycles, construction & real estate, consumer electronics, electrical equipment, food & beverage, hardware, health & medical, lights & lighting, manufacturing machinery, minerals & metallurgy, and personal care. 


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding Korean suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free

ECPlaza is home to quality Korean manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers. Since its inception in 1996, this B2B business site has become one of the most reputable eCommerce businesses catering to over a million members. In addition to product sourcing, you might also want to check out their overseas marketing and trade consulting services.


  • Website type: B2B online marketplace
  • Best for: Finding Turkish suppliers
  • Free or paid: Free (option to buy premium packages)

eWorldTrade is a top B2B marketplace in Turkey with reputable manufacturers and suppliers and is highly advanced and different from conventional eCommerce platforms. Their services are based more on Human-2-Human correspondence. Their buyer consultants are very professional and work according to your requirements.

Other Websites for Finding Overseas Non-Chinese Suppliers

  • Allbiz: Headquartered in Cyprus, Allbiz is an online B2B and B2C marketplace for eCommerce.
  • Thaitrade: Thailand-based B2B e-marketplace is home to leading exporters in Siam.
  • Taiwan Trade: A Taiwanese B2B platform offering a great selection of high-quality private label products at wholesale price.

How Else Can You Find Non-Chinese Suppliers for Your Amazon Business?

Just like China has the Canton trade fair, other countries host trade shows too. You can attend these regional trade fairs to find suppliers for your Amazon product. In some cases, organizers may make their supplier database available online, allowing you to contact the vendors directly at your convenience.

Examples of trade shows include:

  • ASD Market Week (happens in Las Vegas, US)
  • Chandigarh Mega Expo (happens in Chandigarh, India)
  • Global Sources Trade Show (happens in Honk Kong) 

Challenges Faced When Sourcing Amazon Products from Non-Chinese Suppliers   

When considering non-Chinese suppliers, it’s important to understand that no two countries are exactly alike. Every country has unique sourcing strengths, weaknesses, and risks, particularly when we compare China’s manufacturing and logistics. 

Here are some non-country-specific challenges faced when sourcing Amazon products from non-Chinese suppliers:

  • Quality standards: In the last few decades, China has emerged as a leading consumer market, particularly for high-end goods. Even renowned brands are now manufacturing their products in China. Other countries have not progressed as much. Unless you find a reputable supplier with stringent quality measures, you may expect inconsistencies in the quality of your products.


  • Longer lead times: Longer lead times are among the biggest challenges associated with non-Chinese suppliers. Overseas vendors might take longer to produce and deliver goods, so you must keep this in mind when planning your inventory. The last thing you’d want is running out of stock. But at the same time, you don’t want to order more than you need as it’ll lead to higher storage costs.


  • Higher shipping costs – Another problem you might encounter with non-Chinese suppliers is higher shipping costs. For instance, shipping from Europe to an Amazon fulfillment center on the East Coast or the other way around can be expensive. So, if you’re sourcing products from one of those regions, you may want to factor those higher costs into your supply chain.


  • Language barriers: Though most countries use English as a business language, you may encounter language barriers in some countries, like Vietnam and Japan. English is not widely spoken in many parts of the world. Using a translator is a good idea when you’re first starting, but it may lead to extra costs and miscommunications. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Suppliers for Your Amazon Business  

Are Non-Chinese Suppliers Good?

Yes. Non-Chinese suppliers can provide you with as good — if not better — products and services as their Chinese counterparts. Markets like India, Mexico, and Taiwan are home to a variety of suppliers who offer branded products for you at highly competitive rates. Depending on the types of goods you’re sourcing, you might even be able to find suppliers who are willing to reduce their minimum order requirement. 

Is There a United States Version of Alibaba?

Not really. The United States has several online wholesale marketplaces that offer the same services as Alibaba, but no US platform is as big as Alibaba regarding product offerings and suppliers. You may call Trade United the closest competitor, a modest United States version of Alibaba. It has all the same functionality as Alibaba and can help you find manufacturers and suppliers in your industry.

Why is Shipping So Expensive on Alibaba?

The shipment cost on Alibaba is expensive because of the weight and distance factors. Shipping rates also vary depending on the type of shipping method. It’s often a trade-off between delivery time and money. For example, if you’re shipping by air, you’ll have to pay more for the shipping. However, if you choose a cheaper shipping option, you risk your products arriving late or not at all. 

Remember that paying more for shipping doesn’t necessarily equate to a better shipping experience. You can have your products shipped by air or sea; the prices will vary depending on the carrier and the shipping method you choose. Transporting through the sea can lead to longer delivery times, but ships carry large volumes of goods, thus offering better pricing. 

You can expect a higher price when you’re paying for expedited shipping. This can be avoided by maintaining an optimal inventory level and placing your orders on time. 

Is Spocket a Good Website to Source Products for Amazon? 

Spocket is a decent option for online sellers looking for a cheaper alternative to AliExpress. However, this website caters to dropshipping businesses rather than private label sellers. If you are looking for private label manufacturers, you might consider checking out one of our recommended websites listed above.


Finding reliable non-Chinese suppliers is easier today, thanks to online B2 marketplaces and business directories. With the right mix of suppliers from different regions, you can offer your customers a more comprehensive selection of products at competitive prices and ensure the all-year-round availability of your hottest SKUs. And, if you are planning for an exit, such supply chain diversification will make your Amazon business much more attractive to potential investors