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Only listings over 100,000 EUR are translated into English. Visit our German page for all listings.

CategoryMonetizationEstablishedMonthly SDEPriceListing #
Jewellery Amazon FBA201612,825.97 EUR680,000 EURDF33
Jewellery Amazon FBA201615,855.38 EUR150,000 EURDF30
Sports & Outdoors Amazon FBA201558,165.39 EUR190,000 EURDF28
Home Decor Amazon FBA201451,239.81 EUR1,600,000 EURDF26
Fashion for young women Amazon FBA201488.770,81 EUR295,000 EURDF21

Understand how to sell in Europe   as a Non-EU Seller

When you are considering to expand into the European marketplace, you have to understand how taxes and VAT works to create a compliant and long-lasting business. Christoph from fbahero answers the most common questions for NON-European companies considering to purchase an FBA business on Dragonflip.

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Do I need to have a corporation in the EU, to sell in the EU?
No, you can apply for an EORI number without a legal entity in the EU but you will need a fiscal agent to handle your VAT. We can point you to professionals that can help you with that.
Can you manage the business in the local language?
We can point you to professionals that can manage your European E-Commerce business locally for a profit share.
Where do I pay taxes?

The VAT is generally paid in the country in which your inventory is stored. If you do not open a corporation in Europe, you can generally pay your corporate and personal taxes in your home country. Please verify this with your own legal and tax advisor.