Project Barista

Successful multichannel brand in the espresso/coffee beans sector.

Investment Highlights

Since its foundation in 2016, the brand has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of speciality coffee on the German market. With strong roots in e-commerce, the founders have utilised their experience at Amazon and Auto1 to build a strong and innovative brand.


Revenue TTM*:

EUR 608 k

Contribution Margin:

EUR 89k (15%)

Sales Channels:

Amazon, online shop, Kaufland Online, Rossmann Online



* TTM (trailig twelve months)

Inspired by the gap in the market for speciality coffees on the German Amazon marketplace, they started selling three coffee blends, all of which are blends of different beans. Through customer feedback, they quickly recognised the great demand for the stronger yet low-acid Robusta beans.

After a few optimisations, the current brand was created, which is characterised by strength combined with low acidity and a distinctive, iconic brand name. The eye-catching packaging and consistently high product quality quickly positioned the brand as a love brand in the community.

Over 80% of sales are generated via Amazon, while the company’s own online shop accounts for around 15% of sales and is showing increasing growth, particularly through targeted CRM measures and the offer of exclusive products. Other sales channels are Kaufland Online and Rossmann Online, which together account for less than 5% of sales but are important components of the multichannel strategy. Talks are currently being held with large retail chains such as Rossmann, DM, Müller and Norma for a centralised listing.

The brand has an international customer base with the largest share of sales in Germany (64%), followed by Spain (21%). The brand is also present in Italy, the UK and France, where it generates 4% and 3% of total sales respectively. The rest of the sales are spread across other countries, which emphasises the global potential of the brand. In the last 12 months, sales of approx. EUR 608k (2022: approx. EUR 582k) were generated.

Key Figures 2021 2022 TTM
EUR 672 k
EUR 582 k
EUR 608 k
Contribution Margin
EUR 91 k
EUR 87 k
EUR 89 k
Contribution Margin in %
13.5 %
15.0 %
14.6 %

The owners are now looking for a buyer who will take the brand into the offline world and capitalise on the enormous growth potential in stationary retail. The ideal buyer should have experience in food retail, PR and social media in order to successfully develop the brand further.


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