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The Buying Process

  1. NDA: You sign a confidentiality agreement and verify your identity.

  2. Review: In the data room, you have the opportunity to review all existing documents.

  3. Broker-buyer meeting: In case of closer interest, a phone call between the responsible M&A advisor and the buyer takes place to discuss initial questions regarding the transaction.

  4. Buyer-Seller Conference: A conference between buyer and seller is coordinated and led by the M&A advisor.

  5. Presentation of offers: Subsequently, offers to purchase the company can be submitted as a Letter of Intent (LOI). Dragonflip can provide a template for the LOI upon request.

  6. Letter of Intent: Once the offer is accepted, both parties sign an LOI.

  7. Due Diligence: The M&A advisor will set up a due diligence data room where the seller will provide all documents requested by the buyer.

  8. Purchase Agreement: once the due diligence is successfully completed, a purchase agreement will be drawn up.

  9. Closing: Once the purchase agreement is signed, the seller will receive the agreed payment by bank transfer, and the assets or shares of the company will be transferred to the buyer.